Hugo Chavez's oil company is just one of the many foreign groups registered to testify at the Canadian government's Joint Review Panel about the Northern Gateway pipeline. So are countless other foreigners from Europe to South America and a long list of foreign-funded lobbyists too. Use the form below to write federal to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver and tell him we don't want foreign interests or their local puppet groups manipulating our decision about our pipeline. Ban foreigners and their local puppets from appearing before the pipeline review panel.

It’s our pipeline. Our country. Our jobs. And our decision.

Stop foreign billionaires from sabotaging Canada’s national interest!

Public hearings into a proposal for an energy pipeline from the oil sands to Canada’s west coast are being manipulated by foreign special interests.

Foreign billionaires are hiring front groups to swamp the hearings to block the Northern Gateway pipeline project. Anti-oil sands groups claiming to speak for Canadians are actually backed by millions of dollars from foreign interests.

The pipeline promises thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for all Canadians. Whether we decide to go ahead with it or not, we get to make this important decision about our future — not outsiders.

Click on the anti-oil sands groups to the right; see all the money they’re being paid to fight against our national interest. They don’t answer to Canadians. They answer to their foreign paymasters.

It’s our pipeline. Our country. Our jobs. Our decision.

West Coast Environmental Law Foundation

Paid by billionaires on the American west coast — and New York — to fight oil exports from Canada. A hundred thousand dollars from America’s Rockefeller Brothers Fund to “prevent the development of a pipeline and tanker port” for our coast? Nearly $100,000 from Seattle’s Wilburforce Foundation to protect our country from oil tankers? Tell them to butt out!

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Corporate Ethics International

The same group that recently advertised for foreign tourists to boycott Canada over our oil development wants to tell us what’s good for Canada? Clearly the jaw-dropping $2.2 million it’s been getting from its foreign funders is doing all the talking.

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Environmental Defence Canada

When this group demands we shut down the oil sands, it’s not speaking in defense of Canadian interests; it’s speaking for the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation, which paid it a quarter-million dollars to attack us. Tell them to stay out of Canada – Canadians should make this decison.

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Pembina Environmental Foundation

It keeps an office in Alberta, but it got paid $2.8 million from American billionaires to fight against Canada’s resource industry and our jobs. The Pembina is the name of a Canadian river; with this mighty flow of foreign funds, this group should change its name.

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Ecojustice Canada Society

There’s nothing just — or very Canadian — about a group that relies on a quarter-million dollars from the U.S.-based Hewlett family trust to attack Canadian oil sands. If Ecojustice speaks for Canadians, why do Californians pay its bills?

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